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StrategiK Insight LLC. provides a broad range of services that encompasses fact-based strategy development and implementation through innovative analysis and interpretation of business intelligence. Our strong global market research and analytical expertise backed by extensive industry knowledge means that we are able to deliver actionable solutions in strategic planning, targeted marketing, brand management, market segmentation, forecasting, sales and marketing metrics, brand tracking, data management and warehousing.

We use a variety of statistical and analytical approaches that include market research, unique analytical techniques, scenario building, statistical and empirical modeling, integrated forecasting and predictive modeling to help our clients make better decisions. Our technology enabled solutions also enable our customers to build internal capabilities by leveraging our R&D focus and experience.

  • Outstanding prior management experience.
  • Sound qualitative and quantitative research background, statistical and econometric modeling, sales/marketing
  • Strategy assessment, development and implementation as well as software engineering
  • Strong international experience in key local markets in Americas, Europe and Africa
  • Multi-industry experience that spans the field of Direct to Consumer - Direct Mail, Pharmaceuticals, Life Automotive after Sales, Automotive Parts and Equipments, Sciences, Manufacturing and Consumer Product Industries

  • What are the key channels within the market?
  • How do I optimize my marketing budget?
  • Who are the most valuable vs. least valuable groups of customers?
  • How can I get the internal systems to produce a single unified view of my customers?
  • Are my products and services aligned to my customers?
  • What are the perceptions of my customers to the current products and services relative to the competition?
  • Are there missed cross/up selling opportunities?
  • What are the tools needed for an effective customer prospecting campaign?

  Market Assessment and Valuation
  Customers Segmentation and Valuation
  Business channel assessment and optimization
  Strategy development and implementation
Data & Research
We have a very robust Data and Research background; and therefore our capabilities in this regard are outstanding.
Business Insight
StrategiK Insight Global (SIG) key value proposition hinges on our knack and ability in translating, synthesizing and aligning.
Strategies & Tactics
Following our Business Insight background, we are therefore not just a data analytic and/ or market research organization.

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