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Competing On Data Driven Customer Analytics & Insight


Marketing in general has historically enjoyed the critical mass effect which enables free riding on the forces of mass marketing and me-too tactics. Recent trends suggest changing market dynamics where the critical mass effect is fast shrinking and competition is becoming increasingly intense. This emerging trend is a resultant effect of multiple micro and macro factors, for example; the average consumer although historically brand conscious are now increasingly becoming savvier, sophisticated, and reflective on the utility they derive from consuming a product or service.

Consumer local product/service choice alternative are on the rise and global alternative are increasingly much more at their fingertips via the World Wide Web. This trend has left many marketers in need of answers on how to acquire and synthesize transformational insights to ensure robust consumer acquisition and retention in a dynamic marketing place.

The fundamental question that more often than not arise from clients worldwide tag along the lines of “what and how do I drive enhanced business performance through advanced customer analytics and insight? How experience and approach has always been to tow the below sequence of thought and approach---
  • Evaluate your internal data sources and assets
  • Organize and make flexible as well as accessible your key internal data sources
  • Conduct a full data element audit of your internal data sources and deduce reporting and empirical business value for each respective direct and derived metric under review
  • Design standard reporting projects for business tracking and performance evaluation
  • Evaluate and align appropriate empirical predictive and forecasting analytics projects that will drive business solutions
  • Identify data gaps vs. external research needs and audits
  • Evaluate need for an internal or retained commercial insight and strategy function
  • Design a plan that will integrate commercial insight and analytics activities and endeavors into organizational wide Business Planning activities and processed
The above sequence of activity is a process and it is recommended that it is executed in a step functioned and staggered approach. The execution process will enables organizations to succinctly address questions such as --- what data assets do we have in the business and what value is it to running the business? Are there adjacent upsell opportunities with internal data sources? Who are my core customers and how are they segmented? What are the segments within the market and how do they align with internal customer segments?

What is the current and life time value for the identified individual customer group? How do I measure the overall effectiveness of my promotional campaigns? How efficient and optimized is my promotional resource allocation? Do I have the right sales force size and structure? How do I optimize my promotion mix to ensure efficiency and effective marketing impact? How do I measure my marketing ROI? What is the best size and structure for my Sales Force?

In addition to providing answers to these questions and many more; marketing managers can leverage and integrate these insights into business planning process and systems. For examples
  • In defining marketing promotional plans – what segment of the customer’s base will be more responsive to text vs. voice free promotion
  • In evaluating marketing campaigns; insights can hell understand if the aligned promotion vs. customers yielding the desired results
Competing on Consumer Insight

  Market Assessment and Valuation
  Customers Segmentation and Valuation
  Business channel assessment and optimization
  Strategy development and implementation
Data & Research
We have a very robust Data and Research background; and therefore our capabilities in this regard are outstanding.
Business Insight
StrategiK Insight Global (SIG) key value proposition hinges on our knack and ability in translating, synthesizing and aligning.
Strategies & Tactics
Following our Business Insight background, we are therefore not just a data analytic and/ or market research organization.

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