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Data & Research
We have a very robust Data and Research background; and therefore our capabilities in this regard are outstanding. We are experienced and experts at supporting and introducing organizations into the space were they compete with analytics. These organizations are mostly gray on the value and role of integrating data and research in business decision process.

The fundamental question that is more often than not posed by our clients worldwide tag along the lines of “what and how do I drive enhanced business performance through advanced customer analytics and insight? Our experience and approach tow the below executional sequence ---
  • Evaluate client’s internal data sources and assets
  • Organize and make flexible as well as accessible client’s key internal data sources
  • Conduct a full data element audit of client’s internal data sources and deduce reporting and empirical business value for each respective direct and derived metric under review
  • Design standard reporting projects for business tracking and performance evaluation
  • Evaluate and align appropriate empirical predictive and forecasting analytics projects and processes that will drive business solutions
  • Identify and align data gaps vs. external research needs and audits – For example build capability around Attitude, Trial and Utilization (ATU) studies, Competitive Product and Service Perception studies, Share of Voice Tracking audit…
  • Evaluate need for an internal or retained commercial insight and strategy function
  • Design a plan that will integrate commercial insight and analytics activities and endeavors into organizational wide Business Planning activities and processes

  Market Assessment and Valuation
  Customers Segmentation and Valuation
  Business channel assessment and optimization
  Strategy development and implementation
Business Insight
StrategiK Insight Global (SIG) key value proposition hinges on our knack and ability in translating, synthesizing and aligning.
Strategies & Tactics
Following our Business Insight background, we are therefore not just a data analytic and/ or market research organization.

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