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StrategiK Insight LLC. is focused on the client’s satisfaction. Our goal is to be a strategic partner with the client in the search for answers and solutions that best satisfies their peculiar business questions.

Our Core Services include
Market Assessment and Valuation
Assessing emerging and mature markets for new and advance products is a key strength of our business. Appropriate market assessment is critical for successful launch of new products – we have unique techniques we leverage for identifying, defining and implementing novel launch strategies to ensure appropriate niche for new brands. We also have several deployed repositioning techniques for mature brands.

We have supported repositioning endeavors for several block buster brands with pharmaceuticals leveraging key features ---
  • Identify, assess and value key channels within the market
  • Understand gaps and opportunities of not-served vs. under served customers
  • Validate company’s overall capital base and market performance relative to the overall industry and key Competitors
  • Identify the impact of new competitors and niche strategy

Customers Segmentation and Valuation
Segmentation serves as the basis for customizing tactics for customer acquisition and retention. SIG over the years have developed several novel proprietary tools and techniques in creating very robust and sound segmentation schemes. We are experts at creating attitudinal, behavioral and integrated segmentation schemes that can be aligned to specific sales and marketing schemes.

SIG unique segmentation offering support our clients in understanding fundamentals such as:
  • The different number and types of customer segments that exist internally and externally
  • The specific needs, behavior and value of these respective segments
  • Available opportunities to Identify and market differentially by segment
  • Requirements for crafting appropriate products and services as well as overall marketing strategy
  • Developing and deploying appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs

Business channel assessment and optimization
Promotional campaigns are consumer intimacy channels of communication leveraged by marketers to create and reinforce product and service awareness and endorsement. Promotion Campaigns are therefore a vital tool for ensuring that customer Acquisition and Retention strategy objectives are attained throughout the life cycle of a brand.

Through SIG vetted business promotional channel assessment program several of our clients have successfully accomplished one or a combination of the below highlights:
  • Identify key revenue and cost drivers for each channel
  • Understand competitive landscape and optimal resource allocation by channel
  • Identify and capture growth opportunities optimize portfolios
  • Successfully optimized budget; respective by brand across portfolio and by promotion channels
  • Define and structure an optimized sales force and robust automated selling tool

Strategy development and implementation
Consumer Insight provides an encompassed platform for synthesizing and deploying optimized customer intimacy, tactics and strategies. In fiercely competitive markets, customer acquisition and retention success rates are hinged on the art and velocity of transitioning from leveraging just the 4P’s to synergies the 4P’s (Price, Product, Promotion and Place) and 4R’s (Relationships, Retention, Referrals and Recovery). A synopsis of our approach is detailed below:
  • Utilize insights to develop optimized market and customer targeting plan
  • Create a customer retention and prospecting plan
  • Create services that are tied to opportunity and growth potential across channels
  • Diagnose, analyze and solve sales and marketing problems
  • Evaluate and refine strategy

Data & Research
We have a very robust Data and Research background; and therefore our capabilities in this regard are outstanding.
Business Insight
StrategiK Insight Global (SIG) key value proposition hinges on our knack and ability in translating, synthesizing and aligning.
Strategies & Tactics
Following our Business Insight background, we are therefore not just a data analytic and/ or market research organization.

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